Velebit Photo Safari

Velebit, Croatian longest mountain range, stretches along the Adriatic sea from Vratnik above Senj in northwest, to Zrmanja river southeast. Its lenght is 145 kms. Abounds in nature diversity, unique karst landscapes and history. Proclamed a Nature Park Velebit in 1982. Our day excursion Velebit Photo Safari by terrain veichles (4x4 LR Defenders) enable you to explore a part of our mithyc mountain.

We shall visit its south part where you'll be enyoing its unspoiled nature, impressive karst forms, beautiful views of Adriatic sea, Zadar archipelago in one, and Paklenica National Park and Sveto brdo summit (1752 m/nv) on the other side.

We do many stops - for easy walk, photo shooting and refreshments. Our experienced guides will teach you about lifes of cattle-breeders who lived here for tousends of years on the same way, about some interesting facts of Velebit and more…

We'll drive up to some 1000 m a.s.l to foothills of Tulove grede – a very picturescque limestone cliff well known among Winnetou fans as well as is the River Zrmanja Canyon, where these films of legendary Wild West indian hero – Winnetou were shot (based on the novels of very favored german novelist Karl May).