Karl May's Wild West

By virtue of pristin nature some of the locations in our surroundings were used as scenery for the films featuring Winnetou – a fictional Indian chief, filmed after german Karl May novelist.

Many attractive spots in Paklenica, Krka and Plitvička jezera - national parks, as well as in our vicinity, played backdrops of American Wild West in those films shot in '60-es last century.

Join us on Velebit Photo Safari Tour where we'll be visiting Rio Peco – Zrmanja river, Pueblo at Pariževačka glavica, Tulove grede and other.

Visit a Karl May&Winnetou Exhibition near by the Bluesun Hotel Alan with some props and memories on film crews that stayed in this former Paklenica Motel.

Take a walk in nearby Paklenica National Park where some of the most rocognizable scenes were shot. Wheather you are looking for more „Wild West“ locations take a day excursions to the Plitvice Lakes National Park (2 hours drive) or The Krka National Park (1,5 hours drive). Discover Zrmanja river by boat trip or take an easy Zrmanja kayak tour.